Networking Overview


Most jobs, about 80%, are in the “hidden” job market, obtained through personal contacts and referrals. It is important that everyone you know be aware that you are looking for a job so that the “word of mouth” process can begin to work on your behalf. Following the networking diamond below, your networking process should include the people that are closest to you, your friends and family. It is unlikely that you will find a job if you limit yourself to this small group but each friend and family member can bring in more contacts to your networking circle. 

The next step in building a job search network is to widen your search by contacting acquaintances, colleagues, and others such as friends of friends who may have job information to share in your desired profession and/or industry. You can also meet people in this group by attending professional and industry related meetings and events, as well as community events or social occasions. This group may be able to direct you to the next category of contacts, people with the authority to hire you. 

The third step is to narrow your search by contacting people who have the authority to hire event managers at particular organization. This can be done through contacts obtained through the process of informational interviewing. 

Lastly, the top of the diamond contains those hiring authorities that can be selecting you for a specific job at an organization. 

The Networking Diamond

networking image number 1

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