Four Kinds of Luck

Luck is defined here as an unexpected reconfiguration of events – or things happening in ways that are surprising. There seem to be four kinds of luck. You cannot control any of them, but you can influence two of them.

  1. First is luck by accident. This kind of luck is unplanned and you have little or no influence or control. Natural disasters fit this

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Five Luck Skills

Why are some people luckier than others? What do lucky people do that others don’t? They set goals, work hard and master the skills for making their own luck. Here are the five luck skills.

  1. Challenging Assumptions is questioning what most people see as the truth or status quo. It’s examining your belief systems, asking why things are always done a certain way, seeking

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Creating Luck: A Personal Action Plan

Now that we’ve talked about other peoples’ luck, let’s talk about yours. How do you get started? Here are some suggestions for a personal action plan:

  1. Review your own luck. Think about your life. When were you lucky? What did you do to influence your luck? Perhaps your current job was a result of telling a friend or colleague that you were looking. That’s

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