What They’re Looking for

Your interviewers will be trying to learn three basic things about you.

  1. First, they want to learn about your personality, and whether you’d fit in with the people you’d be working with. Expect questions that get at your strengths, weaknesses, leadership skills, ability to work in a team, professionalism, and work ethic (see Behavior Interview section)
  2. Second, your interviewers will be looking for evidence

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Three Rounds of Interviewing

  1. The First-Round Interview
    The first of the three basic steps in the I-banking interview process usually takes place with a recruiter who screens candidates to make sure they have the basic technical skills and personality profile to make it in the job they’re interviewing for.
  2. The Second Round
    If the I-bank still finds you an attractive candidate, you’ll be invited back for a second round of

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Interview Tip

Finally, don’t be afraid to say you don’t know the answer to a question. Your interviewers will be able to spot a half-baked answer from a mile away. In fact, many interviewers deliberately ask difficult technical questions to see whether you can admit you don’t know something. Once you’re on the job, after all, it might cost the bank millions if you screw up because … [ Read more ]