Arm Yourself with Anecdotes

According to Marky Stein, career coach and author of Fearless Interviewing: How to Win the Job by Communicating with Confidence, candidates should pick six skills that they have and want to pursue in their jobs, such as management, analysis, assembling, building, creating, directing. Then, write these “action verbs” each on an index card. On the other side of each card, write a few reminders of … [ Read more ]

Three Levels of Preparation

Before an interview, learn about career-related issues in your selected field and prepare a two-minute presentation; think through the key points you want to make in response to typical interview questions; develop a portfolio; create a weighted list of must-haves and nice-to-haves in a job; and choose and brief your references. For a specific interview, there are three levels of preparation you can do, depending … [ Read more ]