Configuring Your Contact Manager

Any sophisticated contact manager allows you to customize the data fields. We recommend configuring your system to include fields for the following information:

Contact Information

  • Employer, phone, address, e-mail, web site
  • Partner/spouse full name
  • Children (listed in descending order by age)
  • Category: customer, supplier, lawyer, etc.
  • Preferred communication methods (phone, e-mail, short message service, other)

Professional Data

  • Resume. Whenever your friend switches jobs, just cut and paste from the “Employer” field to the “Resume” field. Over time, the “Resume” field will develop into a full list of past employers.
  • Special interests
  • Accomplishments
  • Affiliations (clubs, etc.)
  • Education

Personal Information

  • Birthday
  • Where or how you met the person
  • Connections (common affiliations)
  • Religion (to determine appropriate holidays the person celebrates)
  • Tier (you treat your close friends differently than your distant acquaintances. Use the tier field to track how close you are to the person). You can define your own tiers or use the following:
    • Tier 1—family/best friends
    • Tier 2—close friends
    • Tier 3—casual friends
    • Tier 4—casual acquaintances
    • Tier 5—met once
    • Tier 6—stranger: never met, spoke with, or e-mailed

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