Which Font Should I Use?

For resumes in electronic format that will be emailed, select a font that’s standard on most computer systems. Good choices include Arial, Book Antiqua, Century Schoolbook, Garamond, Tahoma, Times New Roman and Verdana.

What Tense Should I Write My Resume In?

Write previous jobs in past tense. For your current job, write accomplishments in past tense and job responsibilities in present tense.

Should I Include Salary Information on My Resume?

No, unless you are writing a federal resume. Indicating your salary history or requirements could eliminate you from consideration. If the employer requests salary requirements, acknowledge the request in your cover letter with a line like: “I would be happy to discuss my salary requirements after mutual interest has been established.” If you feel pressed to give a number, provide a wide range to give … [ Read more ]

How Much Should You Pester Interviewers?

One of the trickier bits of job-hunting etiquette is how much to contact an interviewer following your meeting. There’s a fine line between seeming appropriately interested in your status and being annoying. At some companies, it might be acceptable to send a single thank-you letter, as you have, but no more.

Meanwhile, other employers are impressed when candidates hang on like dogs to … [ Read more ]


Q: My biggest frustration as an unemployed executive is potential employers telling me that I am “overqualified.” How do I counter this accusation? The fact is, I am generally guilty as charged. Nor does it work to argue that I’m not really as qualified as I appear to be. Short of shortchanging my credentials and accomplishments on my resume, which is probably unethical, how can … [ Read more ]