Case Method Interviewing

This method is usually used by management consulting firms and large corporations.

  • Employers use this method to assess if you think logically, have problem solving skills and know business principles.
  • Classic business cases are given to test analytic ability, the ability to sort out key facts and stay focused.
  • Some consulting firms think that this is the best test of a typical consulting situation for

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Tips for a Case Interview

  • Take notes, if necessary. Ask a few questions.
  • Take some time to organize your thoughts; don’t be afraid of a little silence.
  • Explain your thought process, state assumptions, work from hypothesis )
  • Push for a conclusion
  • Be quantitative and specific if possible

Case Interview Cheat Sheet

Tips to help you crack the case every time:

  •  Listen carefully to the material presented. Take notes if you want to, and be sure to ask questions if you are unsure about details.
  • While you’re thinking through the problems, concentrate on the three Ps: Presentation, Poise, and Persuasiveness.
  • Take your time. You’re not expected to have

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An Introduction to Case Interviews

The case interviewing style is particularly common among management consulting firms, law firms, counseling and social work organizations, police departments, and other organizations that place a premium on understanding your thought process. Most likely, the case will be the final part of a screening or hiring manager interview.

“Suppose . . .”

The case interview consists of presenting you with a typical set of “facts” that … [ Read more ]