Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

  • “Do you find it difficult to work with some people?”
    Indicate that you get along well with people and work hard to understand other points of view. You can name one or two traits that disturb you, but make sure they’re not overly broad, and give preference to those that a manager would also find hard to

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Six Rules to Follow When Asking for Feedback

  1. Be sure to relay your disappointment in not getting the offer and say that you would be interested in interviewing if anything opens up. Emphasize that this company is still your top choice.
  2. Politely ask if there is any feedback that would help you improve your chances in your next interview. Was there anything in particular that could

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How to Explain Job Hopping

  • I followed the best and the brightest.  Companies want people who bring varied experience to the table. For that reason alone, job hopping makes you more marketable.
  • I followed the money.  No one will argue with a move that gave you a salary boost – – as long as money isn’t the only reason why you left.

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Asking About Company Culture

Digging up facts about company culture doesn’t have to be an altogether clandestine effort. You can simply ask questions about organizational culture. Here are a few to consider:

  • What three words or phrases would you use to describe the company or department culture?
  • How does the company (team) handle conflict or differing opinions?
  • How does

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7-Step Problem-Solving Framework

You can demonstrate the strength of your problem-solving ability by walking an interviewer through the following seven-step framework while describing how you solved a real-life problem in a previous job. When discussing that scenario, you should demonstrate the ability to: 

  1. Define the problem: Have the candidate identify what went wrong by including both a cause and an effect in the definition of

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5 Areas You Should be Sure to Address in an Interview

Here are the five areas you should be sure to address in an interview:

  1. Job Description
    It is very important to ask for a written job description. The job description defines the parameters of the job. Without a written job description, there are no boundaries, and the job can be a set up for failure. If you

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