Mass Career Customization (MCC)

Mass Career Customization (MCC) is a way to enable a corporate lattice organization that allows employees to both dial up and dial down. The MCC framework articulates a definite, not infinite, set of options along the four core dimensions of a career – Pace, Workload, Location/Schedule, and Role – as well as the trade-offs associated with choices across four, highly inter-related dimensions. In collaboration with … [ Read more ]

John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

Networking Overview


Most jobs, about 80%, are in the “hidden” job market, obtained through personal contacts and referrals. It is important that everyone you know be aware that you are looking for a job so that the “word of mouth” process can begin to work on your behalf. Following the networking diamond below, your networking process should include the people that are closest to you, … [ Read more ]

Expanding Your Career Resources Beyond Campus

Job Search Skills

  • Self-Assessment: Before you begin, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want and which jobs match your skills and interests.
  • Detective: You must “dig out” the information you need to develop prospects.
  • Communication: You’ll have to rely on both written and verbal communication skills to get a job. Your resume, cover letters, and interviews are essential.
  • Research: You need

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