The Genius Spiral (Gay & Katie Hendricks)

Gay Hendricks has a great little model to help us discover our genius.

Draw a square. Make four quadrants. In the lower right put “Incompetence.” In the lower left, “Competence.” Upper right, “Excellence.” And upper left, “GENIUS!”

The idea is very straight-forward: we’re going to live a much more powerful, fulfilled, happy life to the extent we spend as much time as possible in our genius zone.

Now, let’s do a quick little inventory.

What are you incompetent at? These are things that most others can do better than you can! (Mechanical stuff, doing stuff I’m not passionate about and cold calling would be some of mine.)

How about competence? These are things that most others can do as well as you.

What about excellence? What things do you persist in doing that you can do better than most people? (Building businesses would fall here for me.)

And, what about your genius? Some of Gay’s questions here: What is my unique ability? What do I love to do the most? What produces the highest ratio of abundance per time spent? What work do I do that doesn’t seem like work?!?

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