Sample Letter to the HR director


Mr./Ms. [first name] [last name] [title] [company name] [street address] [city], [state] [zip code]

Dear Mr./Ms. [last name],

Thank you for setting up my interviews [or conducting the interviews] when I visited [company name] on [date]. I enjoyed meeting you and [names of people you also interviewed with]. I appreciate the time that the staff took out of their busy schedules to meet with me.

Of all of the discussions I had that day, I most remember [name a few things that people said to you. For example, a discussion of how important the customer retention management initiative is, how important getting the new facility up and running on time is, and so on. Do not mention how much you liked the perks and benefits].

I feel that my background and experience in [name something from your resume that relates to the text above] would be very helpful in your company’s efforts. I look forward to talking with you again soon.


[Your name/signature]

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