Make the most of where you are in the interview schedule.

Some people go into an interview feeling hamstrung by the order of their interview. Many people think it’s better to interview towards the end of a group of candidates. Certainly, there are pros and cons for whatever position you draw, but the important takeaway is that you don’t always control the time you interview. If you are one of the first, try to make a lasting impression. Be so thoroughly prepared and on the ball that you will be a hard act to follow. If you are in the middle, do something that will energize the recruiter and make you stand out no matter who goes before or after you. If you are of the last to be interviewed, make sure you have something fresh to say—to differentiate you from all who went before, and never mistake a weary recruiter as one who lacks interest in you.

Many recruiters continuously order and re-order the candidates as they go through the interviews. Another common approach used by recruiters is to categorize the candidates at the end of the day into three distinct groups—into the yes, no, and maybe piles.

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