Electronic Resume Dos and Please Don’ts

When you go from a traditional paper resume to an electronic format, it’s important to make some technology-friendly changes. How many of these cyber resume dos and don’ts are you following?


  • Use 10-point or 12-point type.
  • Use an easy-to-scan typeface such as Helvetica or Times Roman.
  • Leave a bit of space between paragraphs.
  • Use synonyms so your resume qualifies for as many jobs as possible.
  • Put your name and address on two separate lines so they don’t get merged.
  • Look at descriptions of positions you want and pull out keywords to use in your resume.

Please Don’t

  • Compress type; it is harder for the scanner to read.
  • Go longer than two pages.
  • Put in graphics; they clog the scanner and can’t be translated into text.
  • Use shading, italic type or other fancy visuals that confuse scanners.
  • Send a resume out with typos. Remember to run spell check each time you update.

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