Are You Ready for the Scan?

The first pair of eyes to look at your resume may not be human. Many companies scan resumes into a database, and then select applicants by searching keywords. So you need to include a broad range of the right keywords in your resume. Determine what ones to include by checking job listings to see which buzzwords appear in the descriptions of positions that interest you. … [ Read more ]

Electronic Resume Dos and Please Don’ts

When you go from a traditional paper resume to an electronic format, it’s important to make some technology-friendly changes. How many of these cyber resume dos and don’ts are you following?


  • Use 10-point or 12-point type.
  • Use an easy-to-scan typeface such as Helvetica or Times Roman.
  • Leave a bit of space between paragraphs.
  • Use synonyms so your resume qualifies for as many jobs as possible.
  • Put

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And What Questions Do You Have?

At some point during most interviews, the potential employer turns the reins over to you, and asks if you have any questions. What you ask can help you land the job. The right questions are like a self-portrait showing you’re a smart, savvy, think-ahead kind of person. Here’s how to paint that picture:

  • Ask the interviewer to talk about everyone’s favorite subject: him or

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Salary Negotiation Know-how

Allen Salikof, president and CEO at Management Recruiters International Inc., offers these 10 tips you should keep in mind as you head into salary negotiation talks:

  1. Ask
    You’ve heard of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” rules, right? Well, the first rule of salary negotiation is, “Don’t ask, don’t get.” You’re unlikely to ever get more than a cost-of-living adjustment

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Researching Your Worth

You’ll always be at a disadvantage in a salary discussion unless you know the going rate for your talent. The sources of that information vary in reliability, so you have to know where to ask. And, given the touchiness of the subject, it also helps to know how to ask.

  • Online resources
    Start your investigation online, where

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