5 Areas You Should be Sure to Address in an Interview

Here are the five areas you should be sure to address in an interview:

  1. Job Description
    It is very important to ask for a written job description. The job description defines the parameters of the job. Without a written job description, there are no boundaries, and the job can be a set up for failure. If you want the job anyway, ask if writing the job description will be the first assignment or task of the job. If the answer is no, proceed with caution.
  2. Learning Curve
    All jobs from broom pusher to CEO require a learning curve. You need to ask about the learning curve or what’s expected, who does what, when, where and how, including whom to contact with questions. You need to know the informal as well as formal aspects of a job. The red flag goes up if a job does not include a learning curve.
  3. Education and Training
    You want to ask about training. When does it start? Who provides it? Is it offered on the job or do you need to seek it after hours? If it will be after hours, who pays for it? Knowing what is expected in terms of learning and training will help you assess if this is a job you can do, will do and want to master in the time allowed or expected.
  4. Evaluation
    You need to know when you will be evaluated, by whom and on what criteria. Ask. Knowing clearly what criteria will be used to evaluate you will help you benchmark your progress and position yourself for positive evaluations.
  5. Tools
    Everyone needs the right tools to do the job. It’s very important to ask about these and not to assume they will be there. Even the broom pusher needs a broom in order to be successful. So ask about your office, desk, cell phone, computer, laptop, car, secretary, staff, clients, list of leads—whatever it takes to succeed on the job.

 If what you need in terms of a job description, learning curve, training, evaluation and tools are not there, the job may be a set up for failure. Before taking or turning down the position, try negotiating for what you want. When the basics are there, you can be confident you’ll have a fair shake to succeed.

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