Attributes to Consider in Choosing an Offer

  1. Financial Package in First Year of Employment – salary, bonus, paid overtime and other monetary benefits such as stock options
  2. Geographical Area – location of office where you work most of the time
  3. Learning on the Job – organizational support for personal development, training and further education
  4. People in the Organization – work attitude of boss, colleagues and other members of the organization
  5. Opportunity for Advancement – expected time until promotion
  6. Work Environment – non-financial benefits, including office environment as well as surrounding amenities, such as day care, health club, restaurant/ food services, laundry etc.
  7. Dynamics and Culture – incorporates aspects of the size, age and culture of the organization
  8. Environmental Sustainability and Socially Conscious Behavior – organization’s reputation for commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable development
  9. Caring about Employees – organization’s reputation for managing layoffs, ensuring worker’s health and safety and providing HR benefits, especially insurance package
  10. Relationship with Local Communities and Outside Stakeholders – organization’s reputation for interacting with local communities and external stakeholders, such as governments, public interest groups, etc.
  11. Length of Commute – time needed to commute from home to major place of work
  12. Ethical Products, Services or Marketing – the ethical reputation of the organization’s products, services or marketing practices
  13. Economic Sustainability of Organizational Unit – economic potential of the particular organizational unit where you will work
  14. Business Travel – average number of nights per month away from home as a result of business-related commitments
  15. Brand Image of Organization – organization’s image as assessed by corporate leaders, investors, consumers, other members of the industry and/or other stakeholders
  16. Type of Position Offered – management or non-management position
  17. Intellectual Challenge – intellectual challenge and amount of routine work involved in your work
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