And What Questions Do You Have?

At some point during most interviews, the potential employer turns the reins over to you, and asks if you have any questions. What you ask can help you land the job. The right questions are like a self-portrait showing you’re a smart, savvy, think-ahead kind of person. Here’s how to paint that picture:

  • Ask the interviewer to talk about everyone’s favorite subject: him or herself. “Tell me about your career path and why you work here. Where were you before you came to XYZ Worldwide Finance?”
  • Bring the career path talk back to your own case. “What’s the career path for folks who take this job? Where can I expect this position to lead?”
  • Follow up by tactfully asking about the employee who used to have the job you’re interviewing for. If the employer tells you the job will lead to a vice presidency, you should say, “Is that why the position is open now?”
  • Ask about training opportunities that can fill out your skill set. “I’m terrific at accounting, but I’d love to learn more about database management. What training opportunities do you have available?”
  • Ask the interviewer what questions you should have asked. “What should I be asking about that I haven’t brought up?”

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