Tactics for the last 30 seconds

How to leave them begging for more

  1. When the interviewer utters these five words, “Do you have any questions?” (and he will), don’t make one up on the spot just to ask something. Prepare two good questions about the position or the firm–the answers to which cannot be found on the Web site. A great final question leaves a great final impression.
  2. If you don’t, in fact, have any questions, spare yourself an awkward moment by saying, “Do you have any unanswered questions about my qualifications?”
  3. Take a business card. Obvious, right? Sheryl Colyer, director of global human resources at Citigroup Asset Management, says the worst mistake candidates make when sending thank-you notes is misspelling the name of the interviewer.
  4. Four out of five MBAs recommend a stiff Stoli and tonic after any interview.

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