Three Rounds of Interviewing

  1. The First-Round Interview
    The first of the three basic steps in the I-banking interview process usually takes place with a recruiter who screens candidates to make sure they have the basic technical skills and personality profile to make it in the job they’re interviewing for.
  2. The Second Round
    If the I-bank still finds you an attractive candidate, you’ll be invited back for a second round of interviews. Now, you’ll be meeting with the people you’ll be working with should you get the job–midlevel members of the department you’ve targeted. In other words, you’ll talk to real salespeople, traders, research analysts, or bankers.

    Your second-round interviewers will be interested in learning more about your personality–you work with others, how you deal with stress. Which makes sense, since you’ll be working with these people for 60 or 80 or more hours per week. At the same time, the questions you face will be more technical and department-specific than in the first round. The recruiter was a generalist; second-round interviewers are specialists who want to find out how much you already know about their specialty, and whether you have the logic and quantitative skills to learn what you don’t know.

  3. The Final Round
    If you get called back after the second round, the bank has decided you’re made of the right stuff to join its team. But you’ve still got another interview standing between you and the job. In this round, you’ll meet with a managing director or a department head. At this point, if you don’t screw up, the job is yours.

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