Make Employers an Offer To Land the Job You Seek

As a newcomer to unemployment, you’ve been taking the standard approach—sending out your resume and banking on a hiring manager to call with a $90,000-a-year job reserved just for you. This is not going to happen.

You need to start using your intellect instead of your emotions, and analyze what’s happening. You’re doing exactly what everyone else is doing, which makes your job hunt a numbers game. Employers with that magical opening, if it exists, receive a stack of resumes from applicants much like you. How will they find you in that pile?

What message are you sending prospective employers when you mail out your resume? Isn’t it: “Here is my wonderful resume. I know it’s like all the others, but please single mine out and find something for me to do”?

Clearly that won’t work. You need to redirect your thinking. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes and imagine what would make money for him. Why does he need you and what do you bring to the table? Then make the employer an offer.

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