The Five Worst Ways to Find a Job

  1. Randomly mail out résumés to employers. That method has a 7% success rate. (One study revealed that there is one job offer for every 1,470 résumés floating around out there. Another study puts the figure even higher—one job offer for every 1,700 résumés.)
  2. Answer ads in professional or trade journals appropriate to your field. That method also has only a 7% success rate.
  3. Answer ads in newspapers in other parts of the state or country. That method has a 10% success rate.
  4. Answer ads in local newspapers. That method has a 5% to 24% success rate. (The higher the salary, the smaller the chance of finding a job using that method.)
  5. Go to private employment agencies for help. This method also has a 5% to 24% success rate, again, depending on the salary you want. (In a recent study, 27.8% of female job hunters found jobs within two months by going to private employment agencies.)

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