Information to Have on Yourself During an Interview

Be prepared to give examples and talk about yourself in terms of your skills.

  • Creative Skills: Develop models, experiment, apply theory, synthesize, predict, create new ideas, use imagination.
  • Organizing Skills: Keep deadlines, details, accept responsibility, reason, use logic, make contacts, arrangements, decisions, clarify, clerical skills.
  • Numerical Skills: Use computational and statistical abilities, inventory.
  • Communication Skills: Write reports, letters and promotional materials, edit, explain, speak clearly, effectively.
  • Instruction Skills: Coach, facilitate groups, design educational materials.
  • Persuasion Skills: Influence others, sell, develop trust and support, motivate, arbitrate, negotiate, advance proposals, reconcile conflict.
  • Human Relations and Interpersonal Skills: Understand, listen, question, guide, review, represent, advocate, team work.
  • Research and Investigation Skills: Identify information sources, formulate questions, design experimental models, use a variety of information, assess needs.
  • Design and Planning Skills: Set priorities, schedule time, identify alternatives, set goals, follow through, predict future trends.
  • Performing Skills: Public speaking, humor, story-telling, stage presence
  • Leadership Skills: Organize time, initiate, clarify and solve problems, take risks, self-directed, set goals and standards, assign, organize ideas, design projects, make decisions, share responsibilities, implement projects, build teams.
  • Economic/Financial Skills: Prepare and administer budgets, financial accountability.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Identify critical issues, identify general principles, define parameters of a problem, reasoning, logic, creative problem solving, analyze from any angle.
  • Evaluation Skills: Assess performance, set standards, make decisions, analysis review.
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