Information to Have on the Employer During an Interview

  • Organizational goals
  • Relative size of firm
  • Growth potential for security
  • Percent of annual sales growth last five years
  • Array of product or service line
  • Who are competitors?
  • Reputation
  • Organization structure by product line
  • Geographical locations – relocation policies
  • Number of plants, stores or sales outlets
  • Short-term profit picture
  • Average time in non-management assignment
  • Recent items in the news and periodicals
  • Structure assets – price of stock
  • Percent of annual growth in earnings/share
  • People you know in the company
  • Formal vs. on-the-job-training
  • Typical career path in your field
  • Company Culture
  • Consumers: Public/private, industry/business, lease/buy products
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