Action Words for a Resume (by letter)

Source: Resumes That Knock ‘Em Dead

accomplished, achieved, acted, adapted, advanced, advise, addressed administered, allocate, analyzed, appraised, approved, arranged, assembled, assigned, assisted, attained, audited, authored, automated


balanced, budgeted, built


calculated, catalogued, chaired, clarified, classified, coached, collected, compiled, completed, composed, computed, conceptualized, conducted, consolidated, contained, contracted, contributed, controlled, coordinated, corresponded, counseled, created, critiqued, cut


decreased, delegated, demonstrated, designed, directed, developed, devised, diagnosed, directed, dispatched, distinguished, diversified, drafted


edited, educated, eliminated, enabled, encouraged, engineered, enlisted, established, evaluated, examined, executed, expanded, expedited, explained, extracted


fabricated, facilitated, familiarized, fashioned, focused, forecast, formulated, founded


generated, guided


headed up


identified, illustrated, implemented, improved, increased, indoctrinated, influenced, informed, initiated, innovated, inspected, installed, instituted, instructed, integrated, interpreted, interviewed, introduced, invented, investigated


launched, lectured, led


maintained, managed, marketed, mediated, moderated, monitored, motivated




operated, organized, originated, overhauled, oversaw


performed, persuaded, planned, prepared, presented, prioritized, processed, produced, programmed, projected, promoted, provided, publicized, published, purchased


recommended, reconciled, recorded, recruited, reduced, referred, regulated, rehabilitated, remodeled, repaired, represented, researched, restored, restructured, retrieved, reversed, reviewed, revitalized


saved, scheduled, schooled, screened, set, shaped, skilled, solidified, solved, specified, stimulated, streamlined, strengthened, summarized, supervised, surveyed, systemized


tabulated, taught, trained, translated, traveled, trimmed






worked, wrote

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