Informational interviewing is a method of career exploration and a way of discovering jobs not publicly advertised. It is NOT the same as a job interview. Informational interviewing allows you to talk with people already in the industry you have targeted. By obtaining informational interviews, you have gained access to the “inside information” regarding career paths, alternate careers that will use your skills, and people to contact you who may be looking for an employee like you. It is an effective technique because it allows you to:

  • Investigate a specific career field.
  • Narrow or expand your options.
  • Obtain advice on where skills might be applied.
  • Broaden network contacts for future reference.
  • Learn about important issues in a career field.
  • Build confidence for actual job interviews.
  • Expand your job market information.
  • Discover jobs/career paths that you didn’t know existed.
  • Deepen your understanding of the world of work in a variety of settings.
  • Learn the methods that others used to get to a particular career point.
  • Clarify your weaknesses in education, skills, and development and therefore improve those areas.
  • Develop your listening/social skills.

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