How to Handle Such a Situation–if You Still Want the Job

If the interviewer ignores you when you walk in the room, just dive in with something like, “I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you why I think I’m the right person for this job.” After a long pause, you might say, “Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.” Then explain your previous response.

If the manager ridicules your background, you could say, “Perhaps you expected different qualifications, but these have served me well so far and I intend to continue to build on them.”

If the manager thrusts you into a department meeting without an introduction, just introduce yourself and ask the other people for their names, then explain that you are happy to meet them and learn more about the department.

If the interviewer pretends to fall asleep, write a note saying, “I enjoyed meeting you,” put it in front of the interviewer, and rise to leave. Chances are, you’ll get the interviewer’s full attention.

The important thing, if you’re unfortunate enough to encounter this form of interviewing, is to keep your cool, maintain your dignity, and find a way to use the situation to your advantage.

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