Better Talking

If you’re nervous about an upcoming job interview, Better Talking can help you practice and smooth out the bumps in your delivery.

Better Talking offers free automated phone interviews. You visit the web site, sign up with your name and email, and you’re given a phone number and a pin number. Call the number and you’ll be prompted with various questions like “What type of work motivates you” and other common but generic interview questions. When you’re all done you’ll be emailed a link to your interview so you can listen and see how you sounded.

Obviously it’s no substitute for an actual interviewer who would responded specifically to things you say instead of waiting until you were done talking and asking another generic question, but you can semi-alleviate that flaw by sharing the link with friends who can review your interview and give you pointers. Better Talking is a free service that requires no signup, but you will need to provide an email address to access the recording of your interview. [Lifehacker annotation]

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