What to Do When You Get Laid Off

Following these steps will help you get back to work as quickly as possible.

  • Don’t Burn Any Bridges
    This is the number-one post-layoff rule, and it applies to almost every layoff-related situation. In all your dealings with the company, your supervisor, your human resources representative, and your former coworkers, use “don’t burn any bridges” as your personal mantra. You never know when contacts you

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What Your Body Language Tells Interviewers

Here are some examples of body language cues and their possible interpretations.

  • Crossed arms—closed off or defensive
  • Fidgeting, running tongue along teeth, playing with hair or jewelry, or tapping feet—nervous or bored
  • Lack of eye contact or, conversely, staring too intently without breaking a gaze—untrustworthy
  • Leaning back—uncomfortable
  • Clasping hands behind the head while leaning back—looking to gain power
  • Leaning forward—interested in the conversation
  • Smiling or attempting to be humorous—friendly
  • Eye contact

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