What Your Body Language Tells Interviewers

Here are some examples of body language cues and their possible interpretations.

  • Crossed arms—closed off or defensive
  • Fidgeting, running tongue along teeth, playing with hair or jewelry, or tapping feet—nervous or bored
  • Lack of eye contact or, conversely, staring too intently without breaking a gaze—untrustworthy
  • Leaning back—uncomfortable
  • Clasping hands behind the head while leaning back—looking to gain power
  • Leaning forward—interested in the conversation
  • Smiling or attempting to be humorous—friendly
  • Eye contact with occasional, natural breaks in the stare—focused and curious
  • Nodding while listening—attentive and alert
  • Open palms—approachable and trusting
  • Gesturing with hands while talking—genuinely involved in the conversation

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