A Few Reminders

  • Preparation.  Know the company, your resume, and what key themes you want to convey about yourself.
  • Practice.  Conduct mock interviews, meet with industry colleagues, videotape your rehearsal and get feedback.
  • Mind your interviewing etiquette.  Be on time, and bring a resume even if the recruiter is supposed to have one. Don’t bring in large drinks (gargantuan sodas or water bottles) or food. Wear professional, smart attire—it doesn’t have to be expensive and can even be borrowed if you don’t have your own. Bring a portfolio or notepad and pen, and do take notes. Ask questions when appropriate.
  • Make your follow-up count.  Something seemingly simple—in this case, a thank-you note—can make a difference, positive or negative. Within 48 hours of your interview, be sure to send personalized thank-you notes to all of your interviewers. Handwritten or e-mail are good choices. Make sure to write different thank-you messages to each person with whom you met. Assume that your notes are shared. If your letters are identical, the recruiters would wonder about your level of interest, judgment, and discernment. Certainly, your letters can all start and close with something similar, but for each, call out something unique to your conversation and interaction.
  • Learn from your mistakes and keep improving.  Seek out feedback on how you are doing from interviewers who have let you go, your career center professionals, and as many other sources as possible. Work at improving what you can, and keep on trying to improve
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