10 Questions

Colleen Aylward, Web recruiter extraordinaire, has created all kinds of tactics to attract and to evaluate talent. And she’s heard just about every interview question ever asked. Here are 10 questions that she believes will always get you the information that you need.

  1. Take me through a time when you took a product or a project from start to launch.
  2. Describe the way that you work under tight deadlines.
  3. Describe how you work under tough managers.
  4. What is your definition of working too hard?
  5. Persuade me to move to your city.
  6. How do you manage stress?
  7. What kinds of opportunities have you created for yourself in your current position?
  8. In a team environment, are you a motivator, a player, a leader, or an enthusiast?
  9. In the past three years, what part of your professional skill set have you improved the most?
  10. If you were a new employee, what would you do to gain respect from peers in 30, 60, or 90 days?

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