A Resume That Shows Them the Super-You

If the last time you retooled your resume was back in the days before you reached the airy heights of senior management, you’ve got some work ahead of you. Chances are, everything you know about resume writing is wrong. Cramming all your personal information onto a single page or listing “objectives” may work for grad students looking for their first real jobs, but not for … [ Read more ]

7 Tips for Leaving the Perfect Voice-Mail

Your Objective: Getting a job; breaking the ice with a new client; securing a meeting.

When applying for a job or talking to a recruiter, voice-mail is often where you’ll leave your first impression. And a decision is made in a split second whether to return your call. Don’t blow it.

Here are seven tips to get your call returned. … [ Read more ]

How to Fool the HR Bots

It’s hard to trick the “applicant management” software, but here are a few tips that might get your resume to the top of the pile.

  1. Lift key phrases from the job listing on the website and put them in your resume. Also be sure to use them when filling out online questionnaires.
  2. Be sure to mention your critical job skills early and often. That way,

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