12 Strategies for Ensuring Long-Term Job Security

Employment attorney Richard C. Busse, author “Fired, Laid-Off or Forced Out,” offers the following suggestions for building workplace power:

  1. Learn to like the people you work with. Look for things you can respect in your co-workers. You don’t want to send signals that you don’t like them, because they’re not going to like you either. And that vibe will surely get around.
  2. Communicate often with your

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Pattern Your Resume on Leaders in Your Field

  • Talk to professionals in your field. Look for successful people in your chosen career field and human resources managers in that area. They’ll be able to tell you what employers want to see.
  • Limit advice from those closest to you. Sure, your family and friends may be more than willing to look over your résumé, but that doesn’t mean they know what’s correct or what

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Words that Score On a Resume

When you are searching for a new job, a successful résumé is your first hurdle to employment. The way you present yourself and your skills via your résumé can open the doors to a better variety of interviews.

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6 Tips for Acing Your Year-End Review

With all the distractions the end of the year brings, it’s easy to neglect your day-to-day work. But this might be the most important time of year to focus on your job and your career. Many organizations hold year-end performance reviews, and acing them is often your ticket to a pay raise or promotion.

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