12 Tips for Rewriting Your [Web] Resume

Writing a resume is a task that every job seeker loves to hate. Writing a Web resume is even tougher. Here’s how to create a document that will put everyone on the same Web page.

What’s in Your Resume?

  1. Think nouns, not verbs. Career counselors used to advise job seekers to pepper their resumes with action verbs that would impress HR

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Self Tests and Assessments

According to Richard Bolles, 72, author of the best-selling book What Color Is Your Parachute the best diagnostics are those that assess rather than test. “You can’t flunk an assessment,” he says. But you can misuse one. “Never let an assessment tell you what to do,” warns Bolles. “Its purpose is only to give you some clues about your skills and interests; you’ve got to … [ Read more ]

More Resources

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Help Wanted – 11 Places to Start Your Search

We’ve spent time on 11 of the most popular career-related sites. This table evaluates how they work and how well they deliver in certain key areas: Do they offer a “personal search agent” – that is, software that can search for you? Do they help keep news of your search away from your current employer? And what’s the “killer app” that distinguishes them from other … [ Read more ]