Why Companies Interview

Generally speaking, interviewing helps employers know the three things they need to know before they make a hiring decision…

  1. Are you capable of doing the job? Do you have the necessary skills and experience or can you be easily trained?
  2. Are you motivated to do the job? Will you take the trouble to do the job well, ask for guidance when appropriate, and make the necessary

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Three Levels of Preparation

Before an interview, learn about career-related issues in your selected field and prepare a two-minute presentation; think through the key points you want to make in response to typical interview questions; develop a portfolio; create a weighted list of must-haves and nice-to-haves in a job; and choose and brief your references. For a specific interview, there are three levels of preparation you can do, depending … [ Read more ]

Case Interview Cheat Sheet

Tips to help you crack the case every time:

  •  Listen carefully to the material presented. Take notes if you want to, and be sure to ask questions if you are unsure about details.
  • While you’re thinking through the problems, concentrate on the three Ps: Presentation, Poise, and Persuasiveness.
  • Take your time. You’re not expected to have

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