Don’t take lack of communication from the organization as a bad sign

Some firms will get back to candidates the same night or within a few days. Others will need a few weeks or will stretch things out for more than a month. This doesn’t mean the firm is disinterested, disorganized, or planning to reject you. Keep your spirits up and your ego in check.

There could be many reasons why the company is taking longer than you’d hoped or said it would. It could be that gathering and evaluating recruiters’ feedback hasn’t been completed or that it’s taking some time to get a handle on the actual openings available. Budgets may be up in the air, or there may have been an overwhelming number of candidates to screen this year. Perhaps layoffs are looming, and the company is waiting to see who may be laid off and if those employees can take any of the openings ahead of any new hires. Check in periodically—just to touch base and reaffirm your interest and enthusiasm. Keep the momentum going.

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