10 Common Types of Bosses

  1. The Visionary. Creates a reality-distortion field that makes people believe the improbable.
  2. The Climber. Desperately wants to get to the top.
  3. The Bureaucrat. Believes the world would fall apart without rules and regulations.
  4. The Propeller-head. Used to be a top performing engineer.
  5. The Fogey. Been around since the days when secretaries had typewriters.
  6. The Social Director. Thinks of the corporate environment as a “community of stakeholders.”
  7. The Dictator. Thinks that “empowerment” means empowering management to give orders.
  8. The Hatchet-man. Hired to downsize your organization.
  9. The Lost Lamb. Got over-promoted and now has no idea what to do.
  10. Our Hero. Competent and knowledgeable, yet easy to work with.
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